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This candle is a great gift for a love one during Yule festivities, made just before or during Winter Solstice which usually falls between 21st to 22nd of December each year. Yule candle is supposed to be burning for 12 days until 2nd or 3rd of January. It is a great gift for a loved one, bringing person blessings of prosperity and health for the next year to come.

You will need:

One large white, red or deep green pillar candle

green and red ribbons

holly leaves and berries

cinnamon essential oil or

clove or frankincense essential oil,

mix of grounded cinnamon, cloves and other Christmas spices

and other yule decorations like cones,

acorns, cinnamon sticks, orange peel...

You will need to smudge and cleanse the candle before you start to work on it. After you smudged your candle, start to anoint your candle with essential oil of your choice (be careful with cinnamon essential oil - it is an irritant!) Roll the candle in the herb mix. Think of the person you want to gift this candle to, sending the person all your love and blessings for the next year. Decorate the candle with holly leaves and berries (wash your hands afterwards, as berries are poisonous) with some green and red ribbons. You can decorate the base with pine cones, moss and more holy leaves.

The candle is suppose to burn for 12 days, so you can also mark 12 equal parts for easier and more even burn. You most likely won't be able to keep it lit for 24-hours for 12 days, but 6 hours or more per day are sufficient. Never blow the candle when you need to go, but snuff it out.

Yule blessing to all!

Carpathian Witch

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